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How to calculate your final grade

Instructions on how to calculate bonuses and the final grade for graduation.

At the end of their study path, students are admitted to their final exam, consisting in the public presentation of their paper (indicated as “Project” in the study plan) to the Graduation Board. 

While exam grades are on a 18-30 scale, the final grade is on a 66-110 scale. Such final grade is the result of the starting grade + the bonuses (see below).The starting grade is the mathematical average of all of your exam marks weighted on the corresponding credit point values, converted into a mark in the 66-110 scale. The file in the attachment may help you calculate your starting and final grade, however, this is not to be intended as an official tool: it is the Registrar’s Office and the Ufficio Presidenza who can provide official and complete information. The value resulting from previous calculations is rounded up to the nearest integer value: if the decimal point is equal to or higher than 5 then the score is rounded up, whereas if the decimal point is lower than 5 it is rounded down.

The Stats&Maths Board also provides the following bonuses to the final grade:

§  0.33 points are added for every exam passed with honours (30 e lode)  (in other words, 1 point every 3 laude);

§  1 additional point for students who successfully completed an Erasmus experience;

§  1 additional point for students who carried out a curricular internship;

§  depending on the graduation session you choose you will be awarded:

-          5 point if you graduate in July (I session)

-          4 points if you graduate in September, October or December (II, III and IV session)

-          2 points if you graduate in March (V and last session)

§  from 0 to 3 points awarded to the final dissertation by the Graduation Board.

Please notice that the sum of all the previous points cannot exceed 10 points.

To students whose academic curriculum is particularly deserving and whose final paper is well produced, the Graduation Board may decide to award honours (110 e lode). The name of the Graduation Board members, the list of graduating students, the student’s starting grade and the exact dates will be published about two weeks before the final exam, and will be available on Studenti Online.