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Lecture halls, laboratories and libraries

Location, capacity and equipment.

The degree programme facilities comprise various structures and areas that help you to carry out your learning activities, supporting you in your studies and professional and cultural research.

Lecture halls

Lecture halls of varying size are spread between the facilities at Via delle Belle Arti, 41 and those at Viale Carlo Berti Pichat, 6-6/2, ground floor (accessible from Via Ranzani, 1). While equipped differently, they all offer the University WIFI system free of charge.

Via Belle Arti 41 building include:

  • Aula I , ground floor (190 seats)
  • Aula II , ground floor (25 seats)
  • Aula III , second floor (62 seats)
  • Aula IV , second floor (25 seats)

Every lecture room is equipped with a computer and a data projector, with possibility of laptop cabling. Rooms I and III are fitted with handheld mics (or Lavalier/haeadset upon request). The venue also hosts a study area, the Department's Library as well as its administraion and teachers' offices.

Berti Pichat building, located in Via Ranzani 1, includes:

  • Aula V, ground floor (88 seats)
  • Aula VI, ground floor (40 seats)
  • Aula VII, ground floor (48 seats)
  • Aula VIII, ground floor (48 seats)

Every room is equipped with a computer, a data projector and possibility of laptop cabling, handheld mics or wireless radio mics upon request.

Study Rooms 

The degree programme makes two study rooms available for your use, whenever you want.
The rooms are open from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 7 pm.​

  • Study Room 1, Via Belle Arti 41, ground floor
  • Study Room 2, Via Carlo Berti Pichat, 6, ground and first floor.


Our laboratories enable you to try out the knowledge you have acquired. They represent a point of reference for your learning activities, thanks to the technologies available, the learning methods employed and the support provided by tutors with in-depth experience of laboratory work.
All laboratories are open from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm, but you need to check the timetable at the entrance for availability.

The School hosts four computer cluster for both class use and for private study:

  • Lab G, Via Ranzani 1, 1st floor (43 seats)
  • Lab T, Via Ranzani 1, 1st floor (18 spots)
  • Lab PT, Via Ranzani 1, Ground floor (10 spots)

Equipment: thin client workstations, data projector, possibility of laptop cabling, visual presenter, handheld mics and headsets available upon request, internet, printer (to be used with top-up cards). The software installed are those required in those modules that need computer lab use (e.g. Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics of operations research). Other software may be installed upon teachers' request.


Our degree programme activities use the Department Library on the first floor of the facility in Via Belle Arti, 41.
The University of Bologna offers an extensive network of structures, library and document reference services. In particular, you can use the facilities of the humanities sector and the libraries covering law, economics and political sciences and social sciences.
See the complete list of University libraries.