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Final project and graduation sessions

Information on the final paper and deadlines for graduation.

* All dates are in the format: dd/mm/yyyy 

Schedule and deadlines for graduations in the academic year 2022/23 



Graduation Sessions


Application within

Late application (with € 100 extra fee) within

 Admission requirements deadline

Deadline for uploading the final paper

Deadline for supervisor's approval of the final paper

Graduate committee members on SOL

Session I 14-17- 18/7/2023 26/05/2023 08/06/2023 16/06/2023 26/06/2023 03/07/2023 07/07/2023
Session II 25-26-27-30-31/10/2023 19/09/2023 26/09/2023 26/09/2023 28/09/2023 12/10/2023 18/10/2023
Session II bis 14-15-18/12/2023 17/10/2023 24/10/2023 10/11/2023 15/11/2023 27/11/2023 06/12/2023
Session III 21-22-25-26-27/3/2024 25/01/2024 02/02/2024 22/02/2024 01/03/2024 08/03/2024 14/03/2024

Final Paper

The degree exam consists in the preparation of a written paper, in English, with a structure similar to a short paper, with an indicative length not exceeding 15 pages. The drafting of the paper aims at highlighting the ability of the student to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the three years, as well as his ability to present them.

Normally, the student chooses the topic of the final report under the guidance of a supervisor in a disciplinary scientific sector among those provided for by the study program. In all other cases, the authorization of the Study Programme Board is necessary to assess the consistency of the topic of the final report with the educational objectives of the course of study.

In relation to the specificity of the chosen disciplinary area, it can also be accepted as final project the written report of the results of a research conducted during internship activities.


Graduation Day

On the day of the session, in support of the discussion, each student must bring a USB pen containing only the presentation file. Each student can do tests in any free classroom in the days leading up to the discussion.

Each session usually takes place over several days. About a week before the exam, the graduates receive a communication of the precise day of the degree and the composition of the Commission in an e-mail to the institutional email address. This information can then be consulted on the Studenti Online platform.


Graduation Request

The application can be sent via the Studenti Online platform by simply selecting the “Graduation” option and following the instructions (see the attachment “Manuale domande di laurea” - only available in Italian).

The request can only be presented once for each academic year on the occasion of the selected session, within the indicated deadlines. The payment of a graduation fee of  € 32.00 is required. The online service for submitting graduation applications is available approximately 20 days before the deadline.

If you decide not to graduate in the chosen session you must promptly send an email to the Student Administration Office from your institutional address. Only in this way will it be possible to repeat the online registration procedure for the next session within the deadline of the late application. In this case you do not have to pay any additional fees. If you apply for a degree for a given academic year and do not graduate in one of the scheduled sessions, you must resubmit the graduation request for the next academic year by paying € 16.00 supplement (virtual revenue stamp on the new application for Graduation).

At the time of submitting the application for a degree, you must also choose the final title / topic of the Project. The supervisor will examine your proposal and, by the deadline, he/she will either approve it. The approved title inserted will show in the graduation certifications.

Moreover, only in exceptional cases, if you need to change the title after the deadline please contact the Student Administration Office (Segreteria Studenti) indicating the change request. You can also contact your supervisor that will need to change it before the final approval.


Late application (with € 100 extra fee)

You can submit a late application for a degree by paying a late payment fee (€ 100,00).


Requirements by the deadline

Within the deadline you must:

  • Have paid all the fees due. The Administration Office will carry out a final check, not necessarily within the deadline for the possession of the requirements, and will contact you on your institutional email in case of anomalies. Also in the case of taxes with a deadline after the one for possession of graduation requirements (for example the installment fee for ERGO students), it is necessary to comply with the deadline for the possession of the requirements to be able to complete the degree procedure.
  • Have taken all the exams required by your plan. Verify that the grades are registered correctly on the career summary that you can print when completing the online degree application. The return of the booklet is not required. The Administration Office will carry out a final check on your career and in case of anomalies will contact you on your institutional email.
  • Have obtained the authorization for graduation from the supervisor chosen for the preparation of the thesis. Before this deadline, you must regularly consult your institutional email to verify the validation of the title / topic proposed by you or to make the changes requested by the course coordinator. If the deadline is approaching and you have not received feedback from the teacher, contact him directly. Once approved, you will not be able to change the title of the processed document. Remember that the title / topic approved by the teacher will be the definitive title that will be reported in the certifications.
  • Have completed the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online. You will find the link to Alma Laurea during the completion of the online degree application (the completion will be detected by the system a couple of hours later).


Degree certificate and other certifications

You will receive the degree certificate directly to the address you have chosen on Studenti Online for the delivery of communications. Carefully check the address entered during the completion of the graduation application and remember to modify it if necessary.

You can download graduation certificates on Studenti Online just a few days after the final exam.