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Programme aims

The Stats&Maths track of the bachelor’s degree in Statistical Sciences (first cycle) aims to train junior experts and technicians able to work professionally in the statistical field.

You will learn to build, manage, process, analyse and interpret data in various contexts, to produce the knowledge required to support decision-making processes in private and public bodies.

The basic training provides the professional skills required to technically support the design, analysis and solution of complex problems in conditions of uncertainty, with the support of appropriate computer languages.

Professional figures are shaped in such a way that they are able to apply their statistical knowledge to many fields such as economics, finance, health, demography and environment, thanks to some specific courses designed for this purpose, but also new and more challenging fields like genetics, sports or big data research.

During the study programme you will also be encouraged to perform internships offering direct contact with the job market and to take part in the Erasmus and Overseas programmes offered by the University of Bologna, with specific regard to the Double Degree Programme with the University of Glasgow, a unique opportunity set up specifically for Stats&Maths students.