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Programme aims

The aim ofthis Degree Programme is to train graduates able to work in environmentalengineering, particularly in the field of the protection of the soil and theterritory, environmental techniques and technologies and geo-resources andgeotechnologies. The main areas of study include: -environmental risk analysis, with reference to normal and abnormal conditionscaused by anthropic settlements and activities; - open airand underground excavations, soil and rock logging, for the construction oftunnels and other civil and mining works; -interventions for territorial prevention, protection and… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission tothe 1st cycle degree programme in Environmental Engineering issubject to the possession of a secondary school diploma or other suitablequalification obtained abroad. Admission to the degree programme is alsosubject to the possession of strong oral and written Italian language skills,logical reasoning skills, knowledge of and ability to use the main results ofelementary mathematics and the foundations of experimental sciences. Candidatesnot passing the assessment for admission will be assigned additional learningrequirements. These additional learning requirements are subject to… Read more