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Agricultural Sciences and Technologies

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Programme aims

The “Agricultural Sciences andTechnologies” second cycle degree course sets out to train professionalsspecialised in sustainable management and optimization of herbaceous andarboreal production systems, in light of the new market opportunities and ofthe more central role played by agriculture in modern society; it trainsprofessionals in plant protection, as well as in the technical-economical andmanagement aspects that drive agricultural business operations and estimation.The driving forces in this context include the changes in agriculturalinstitutions, market liberalisation, European… Read more

Admission requirements

To attend the Agricultural Sciences andTechnologies second cycle degree course it is an advantage for students to haveacquired the knowledge provided by the degree programme in Agricultural and ForestSciences and Technologies, classes L-25 (DM 270/04) and 20 (DM 509/99). Curricular requirements Admission to the second cycle degreeprogramme requires possession of a first cycle degree acquired in classes L-25,L-26, L-2, L-13, L-32, L-38 (DM 270/04) and classes 20, 1, 12, 27 and 40 (DM509/99) under the previous system, or a foreign qualification recognised assuitable, or a bachelor degree… Read more