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Cinema & Architecture Film Festival– The World in a Room

5 projections at the cinema Modernissimo

from 02 May 2024 at 20:00 to 29 May 2024 at 18:00

In presence event

The third edition of the Cinema & Architecture Film Festival, entitled "The World in a Room" in going to start. This edition has been born out of a collaboration between the Department of Architecture and the Cineteca di Bologna and it will take place at the Cinema Modernissimo. 

The theme of this edition focuses on the concept of everyday domesticity and interiors. This encompasses room, house, flat or any other place that falls within the concept of "interior". It is these spaces that act as motors and/or active supports of the narrated events or their cut. The majority of our lives are spent in interior spaces, yet we rarely consider the influence these environments have on our everyday and social actions. As the essayist and philosopher Siegfried Kracauer wrote: "Every typical space is determined by typical social conditions, which are expressed in it without the disturbing intervention of a consciousness. Everything that is denied by consciousness, everything that is otherwise deliberately neglected, is involved in its construction." 

During this review, professors from the Department of Architecture will introduce the following films, offering an architectural interpretation of the films.  

Editors: Simona Cavalleri, Alessio Erioli, Maura Savini


May 2nd at 20.00 - In the mood for Love  

Introduced by Prof. Luca Guardigli 

May 6th at 17.15 - Parasite   

Introduced by Prof. Marco Alvise Bragadin 

May 13th at 17.15 - 12 Angry men   

Introduced by Prof. Andrea Luccaroni  

May 22st at 17.30 - Paz! 

At the end of the screening set designer Giancarlo Basili will dialogue with Prof. Alessio Erioli  

May 29 at 18.00 – Carnage   

Introduced by Prof. Maura Savini 


Tickets and booking methods: 

·         Free of charge for the first 50 students of the Building Engineering-Architecture, Architecture-Engineering and Building Engineering-Architecture courses who collect their tickets at the Film Library Bookshop on presentation of their ID card and their course enrolment certificate for the year 2023/24 (Info Bookshop hours

·         3,5 euros for all Unibo students and employees 


Cinema Modernissimo - Via Rizzoli, 1/2, 40125 Bologna BO 

We hope that this year's initiative will be of interest to you, we look forward to seeing you at the cinema and we invite you to spread the word!