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Cinema & Architettura Review - CARNAGE

Last appointment with the review "Il mondo in una stanza"

29 May 2024 from 18:00 to 20:00

Cinema Modernissimo - In presence event

Wednesday 29th of May will see the fifth and last appointment of the Cinema & Architettura Review“Il mondo in una Stanza”, organised by the Department of Architecture in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna and it will take place at the Cinema Modernissimo.  


 (Francia-Germania-Polonia-Spagna/2011) di Roman Polanski (79’) 

Wednesday 29th May 2024  

h. 18.00 

Introduced by Prof. Maura Savini 

The film will be in original language with italian subtitles   

An argument between two children provokes a meeting between the parents, which, at first benevolently tolerant, then takes an unexpected turn in an increasingly fierce crescendo of mutual accusations. Roman Polanski's direction goes beyond the theatrical dimension of the work from which the film is based: the impeccable and apparently neutral bourgeois interiors allow the fierce comedy that takes place there to be enhanced, while the tight and claustrophobic shots force the viewer to follow this acute - and sometimes cynical - exploration of the human soul.  


Location : Cinema Modernissimo, via Rizzoli 1 / 2, Bologna   


Tickets :   

·         Free of charge for the first 50 students of the Building Engineering-Architecture, Architecture-Engineering and Building Engineering-Architecture courses who collect their tickets at the Film Library Bookshop on presentation of their ID card and their course enrolment certificate for the year 2023/24 (Info Bookshop hours Tickets will be available from saturday  25/05/2024.  At the end of the 50 free tickets, students will still be able to participate by purchasing the reduced ticket at the ticket office.  

·         3,5 euros for all Unibo students (at ticket office)  


We ask you to collect free tickets only if you really intend to come to the screening, so as not to take away the opportunity for others to see the film for free!  

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