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Advanced Powetrain (AP-BO) curriculum description

The Advanced Powetrain specialization curriculum is held in Bologna Campus and Modena

Advanced Powertrain curriculum description - Bologna Campus

The international programme in Advanced Automotive Engineering is divided in six different specialization curricula, held in Bologna, Modena or Parma. The Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN)  – UNIBO offers 3 different specialization paths, which aim to provide the knowledge and the skills related to the innovative approaches and design methods of high-performance motor vehicles and motorcycles which are considered extremely important for the automotive industry of the future.

The AP curriculum (Advanced Powertrain) offered by UNIBO provides an in-depth knowledge of powertrain design, production, planning and control of advanced powertrains both electric and endothermic. Courses will focus on modeling and control of internal combustion engines and hybrid propulsion systems, powertrain testing, calibration and homologation.

Enrolled students will take the following specialsation courses in powertrain which are offered in the 2nd and 3rd semester of the program:

  • Electric Drives/Internal Combustion Engines
  • Electronic Systems and Automatic controls
  • Powertrain Design and Manufacturing
  • Advanced combustion systems and Electric propulsion systems
  • Electromechanical Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Modeling and control of internal combustion engines and hybrid propulsion systems
  • Powertrain testing, calibration and homologation

Courses descriptions of this curriculm are vailable in the course structure Diagram section.

Please note that this specialisation curriculm has a fixed number of positions available (20). Prospective applicants and enrolled students should refer to the UNIBO Program Coordinator, Dr. Desideria Santella (