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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

General information on admission requirements
Admission tothe second cycle degree/two year master in Advanced Automotive Engineering requires possession of a bachelor'sdegree or three-year… Read more

Call for applications joint program Advanced Automotive Engineering A.Y. 2022/23

Admission and entry requirements

Admission to the 2nd cycle degree programme in Advanced Automotive Engineering is subject to the possession of a three-year university degree or other suitable qualification obtained abroad. Moreover, candidates must meet the curricular requirements and pass a test to assess their personal competences and skills.

Prospective candidates shall possess one of the following study qualifications:

- Bachelor’s Degree;
- Three-year University Diploma;
- Specialist Degree or Master’s Degree, pursuant to MD 509/1999 or MD 270/2004.
- Five-year University Degree (before MD 509/1999)
obtained with a minimum score of 95/110 or anyway not lower than 86% of the maximum possible score or corresponding to the score obtained from the best 30% of students, if the qualification
has been obtained abroad, and deemed equivalent to them.

The knowledge required for accessing this programme refers to an adequate mastery of general scientific methods and contents in basic disciplines (Mathematics, Information Technology, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry) and in engineering disciplines that are preparatory for the distinctive subjects of the degree programme.
For applicants possessing an Italian study qualification, the curriculum requirements to
access the programme are a minimum of 85 credits in the scientific disciplinary sectors
(SDSs) as defined in the call for applications here

  • Knowledge of the English language at a suitable level to use texts of the sector and follow the
    classes and seminars provided in English, at least equivalent to the B2 level of the European
    common framework (here you can find info about the B2 test offered by UNIMORE Language Center)

The curricular requirements for the enrolment will be evaluated by a specific Board, which will
analyse the study curriculum submitted.

Application procedure

In order to be evaluated, applicants must send off their online application using the UNIMORE Esse3 portal as described in the specific call for application, published on a yearly basis in the following periods:

  • Applications for NON-Eu students 2023/24: OPEN (for courses starting in September 2023)
  • Applications for EU students 2023/2024: CLOSED (expected opening in May 2023)


A.Y. 2023/24

Applications for Non-EU students are OPEN for the A.Y. 2023/24 (courses starting at the end of September 2023). 

The selection procedure is described on this webpage and is coordinated by the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia (consortium coordinator) 

We inform prospective applicants that:

- applications are made exclusively by the online portal Esse3 and NOT Studenti Online.

- all students must apply to UNIMORE, even if interested in one of the three specialization offered at the University of Bologna (AP, AME, ASM);

- the positions available for Non-EU students are 9 (3 each for AP, AME and ASM specializations );