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The opportunities offered by a multiple degree programme

Students are encouraged to spend at least one semester in foreign Universities to complete their preparation. The following opportunities allow to spend one whole year abroad and gain two degrees in two years.

The Dual Degrees are offered as an option for students enrolled in the Master's Programme of Civil Engineering

Participation in one of the Dual Degree programmes implies attending courses at the University of Bologna during the first year and at the partner university during the second year. 

The University might provide some fellowships to cover the expenses.

Students following the Dual Degree with the University of Columbia will pay fees at the University of Bologna for the first year and at the partner University for the second year, while students attaining Dual Degree with the University of Miami or with Univeristé de Liège will pay fees to the University of Bologna both for the first and for the second year.

The selection of students to be included in the Dual Degree programme is based on merit and is made according to a call issued every year and reserved to students enrolled in the first year of the Master's Programme.

Tongji University

Université de Liège

University of Miami

Columbia University