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What our students and graduates are saying

Michele Arinze Akilo

"On 15th of March 2018 I graduated from Università di Bologna's International MSc in Civil Engineering (Structural Eng. track) with a thesis titled "Design and analysis of a composite panel with ultra-thin glass faces and a 3D-printed polymeric core". The project was carried out at Delft University of Technology and explored a possible façade solution exploiting the outstanding characteristics of thin Aluminosilcate glass: a glass typology usually adopted for electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. #Architecture, #Engineering and #AdditiveManufacturing all played a key role within the project, letting me explore, learn and test my ideas with the support of my supervisors and glass professionals. After having spent some time off, I am now super excited to join Octatube's roster and finally help realize challenging architecture!"

Cherry Moreno

" For a foreign student, attending the Master course is a unbelievable life and study experience in one of the most important Italian cities" 

Giacomo Romani

"Dual Degree with Columbia University is my best experience so far. I met very interesting people, enjoyed New York, and pushed my career goals even further."

Mahdi Youssef Srour

"When you understand Civil Engineering you see the world from a different point of view"

Peter Nashaat

"The topics of the course are more advanced and general compared to the masters proposed in other universities . Moreover, the university fee is affordable compared to other universities in Europe"

 Marco Contri

"The doors that such an experience opens are over any expectation."

Francesco Angelelli

"I remember I really enjoyed having the chance to contemporary study civil engineering and see my English skills improve day by day."

Daniel Minawi 

" The International Master Course opens many possibilities of specialization in the most important Universities in the world" 

Stefano Angelini

“The dual-degree program provide students with an international environment”

Christos Nikolaou

“We are all ignorant. The problem is that not all ignore the same things” Albert Einstein

Rodolfos Komninakis

"Engineers must have vision…."

Athanassios Vervelidis

"The time I spent abroad was probably more formative than the courses themselves."