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Philology, Literature and Classical Tradition

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Welcome day 2019/2020 for incoming exchange students (Erasmus, Overseas, etc.) (IMAGE TITLE)

Welcome day 2019/2020 for incoming exchange students (Erasmus, Overseas, etc.)

19th September 2019, 11 am - Classroom VI on the ground floor - Via Zamboni, 38 – Bologna

Erasmus and Overseas students in anthropology  archaeology, art, cinema, communication, digital humanities, geography, history, humanities, music, philology, philosophy, semiotic, theatre are invited to take part.

Information will be provided on: registration, degree programmes, teaching activities, lesson timetable, study plan, Learning Agreement, exams.

Programme aims

The Philology, Literature and Classical Tradition second cycle degree programme allows students to obtain specialist skills in the field of classical studies.The first year of the degree programme is aimed at improving knowledge and competencies in the core learning activities (Greek and Latin languages and literatures; ancient history; disciplines related to research sources, tools and techniques). In the second year, students can customise their curriculum and improve their skills in various disciplinary fields (classical languages and literature; ancient history and archaeology; digital… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the second cycle degree/two year master in Philology, Literature and Classic Tradition requires possession of a bachelor's degree or three-year university diploma, or any other degree obtained abroad, recognised as suitable. Additionally, candidates must meet the curricular requirements and pass the assessment of personal knowledge and skills. Curricular requirements:A 1st cycle degree in one of the following classes, or other suitable qualification obtained abroad: Pursuant to D.M. 270/04:L-1 (Cultural Heritage), L-3 (Drama, Art and Music Studies and Fashion), L-5 (Philosophy),… Read more