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Are you a Company or an Institution? Information on how to propose an internship

Information on how to propose an internship

Companies and Institutions can accept students from the University of Bologna to carry out the internship activity as planned in their study programme.

How to start an internship

To accept interns, the Company/Insitution must:

  1. have an internship agreement  (please check on the online Internship and agreements Service);
  2. publish a curricular internship offer in the “Offers” section. The offer can be targeted to a single student who has already been selected, or to students from one or more specific Degree Programmes who has not been selected yet still need to be selected;
  3. accept self-applications sent by the students.

For more information, you can contact the Internship Office.

How long does it take to activate an internship

It usually takes 15 days from the publication of the offer/acceptance of the intern to receive confirmation to start the activity and permission for the student to print the attendance record. book.

How long an internship lasts

A single internship activity lasts for sufficient the time to achieve the number of University educational credits (CFU) required by the Degree Programme (1 CFU is equal to 25/30 working hours). It must be carried out within the period indicated in the student’s attendance record book, in which he/her must take note of the hours of the internship.

Insurance cover and business travels

The University of Bologna offers insurance cover for on-work injuries and third-party liability exclusively within the approved period indicated in the attendance record book.

For further information please consult the Insurance Policy webpage.  

Should the student need to travel to locations not included in the approved programme, the student can ask for the extension of the insurance by contacting the Academic Tutor by mail (with the Internship Office and Tutor at the Host Institution in copy c/c) and wait for the authorization.

What to do at the end of the internship

After completing the working hours of the internship, the Tutor at the Host Organisation must:

  • sign the attendance record book of the student to confirm the working hours and period of the internship;
  • sign the internship final report written by the student (or any other documentation, if required from the Degree Programme);
  • fill out the mandatory questionnaire at the end of the internship.

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