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Watch: /DH.arc Projects' Webinar

The webinar presenting /DH.arc's short term projects has been published and is now accessible online.

Published on 26 July 2020

DH.arc Projects' Webinar

This webinar focused on presenting the latest /DH.arc's short research projects of less than 12 months. These projects tackle research questions arisen by scholars that require an interdisciplinary approach for solving problems. Projects are defined and developed collaboratively and must include innovative research topics and methodologies for creating new knowledge.

  • 10:00AM - Francesca Tomasi, Introduction to /DH.arc and its projects.
  • 10:15AM - Fabio MarianiDHDKey! A dataset of projects. Followed by a discussion with Silvio Peroni.
  • 10:45AM - Martina Dello BuonoPhiloeditor Web interface and services. Followed by a discussion with Paola Italia and Fabio Vitali.
  • 11:15AM - Sebastian BarzaghiReproducibility of semantic digital editions: The case of Vespasiano da Bisticci's Letters. Followed by a discussion with Marilena Daquino.
  • 11:45AM - Valentina PasqualVASTO project, development of the application. Followed by a discussion with Paola Italia.
  • 12:15PM - Open discussion with /DH.arc members, including Francesca Tomasi, Marilena Daquino, Francesca Giovannetti, Paola Italia, and Fabio Vitali.

More information can be found in the official website.

The webinar is available to be watched on Youtube and on Facebook.