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Degree Programme Tutor

The Degree Programme Tutor is a useful reference point to help students in their relations with lecturers and, more in general, in the organisation of their study activities.

Duties of the Tutorship

The tutor plays an important role linking students and degree programs.
S/he is a valuable source of information, for example, to learn about how to access the program and carry out its activities.
Students can contact the tutor also to flag requests concerning logistics or organization.

The students’ tutor is a pair: a program student, available to meet you and listen to your requests in order to sort out solutions together and to address enquiries to the proper reference people.

The tutor for A.Y. 2023/2024 is Beatrice D'Ecclesiis   (

Additionally, the Program offers one senior tutor who is able to give personalized support to students who struggle, whether for work or other personal reasons, to keep up with the program and exam schedules. The tutor supports in the teaching activities and she/he can be helpful to reach out the teachers in case of special needs.

The tutor for A.Y. 2023/2024 is:

Margherita Masi (