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Erasmus+ study

The Erasmus+ Programme offers you the chance to spend from two to twelve months of your university career studying in another European country. As an Erasmus+ student, you can attend courses, sit exams and earn credits for your studies.

During the period spent at the partner university, the student is required to carry out the teaching-scientific activity agreed with the professor proposing the exchange and, before departure, approved by the Degree Programme Board. The students who are winners of the exchange place enjoy the "status" of Erasmus student, which entails the following conditions:

  • exemption from payment of registration fees at the host University, while travel, food and accommodation costs are borne by the student; medical insurance costs are borne by students who travel to countries outside the European Union;
  • use of services provided by host universities (canteens, colleges, etc.);
  • insurance coverage;
  • participation in any language courses at the host university;
  • recognition of the activity carried out abroad by the Degree Programme Board to which you belong.

General information and useful documents

All useful information to find out what is and what the Erasmus+ study programme offers and how to apply.


Veterinary Erasmus Student reviews

Erasmus students' reviews  of the Veterinary Medicine, Safety and Quality of Animal Production and Animal Biotechnology Courses, who have completed a period of study with the Erasmus+ Study program or with another international exchange program.