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Place of teaching: Ozzano dell'Emilia

The headquarter of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences is located just outside the town of Ozzano dell’Emilia (Tolara di Sopra Street, 50) and it is located almost 12 km (7.46 mi) from Bologna center.

How to reach us

  • By car
  • By train
  • By coach
  • By taxi

By car

  • From Bologna
    Take Via Emilia Street and drive towards Imola, once passed Ozzano centre, and got into Tolara location, follow written indications on road signs.
  • From Imola
    Take Via Emilia Street and drive towards Bologna, once reached Tolara location, follow the written indications on road signs.
  • From A14 highway
    Highway exit: Bologna – San Lazzaro di Savena (heading towards Ancona)
    Highway exit: Castel San Pietro Terme (heading towards Bologna)


By train

  • Train towards Bologna – Imola: ( stop at Ozzano dell’Emilia station; it takes about 30 minutes by foot)


By coach (timetable)

  • Line 90C (Veterinary Department bus stop);
  • Line 94 (Tolara Street crossroad bus stop);
  • Line 101 (Tolara Street crossroad bus stop);
  • Citybus (Lines 131 and 132) – New service that connects Ozzano train station and the Department (Veterinary Department/Tolara Street crossroad bus stop).

The Citybus service – Line 131 and 132, which connects the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Ozzano dell’Emilia with Ozzano train station; it is free for:

  • Owners of train annual membership (with start or end stop in Ozzano Emilia) or provided alongside annual train titles “MiMuovo anche in città” (titles with travel connection between Bologna and Imola): you need to request discount in Tper Ticket Offices, which will freely process MiMuovo card after providing the annual train membership with its correct expiring date (from – to), fiscal code, identity document, phone number; 
  • Ozzano dell’Emilia residents: you need to request the discount in Tper Ticket Offices; 
  • Owners of Tper ticket or monthly/annual pass of extra-urban zone 511-Ozzano.

The discount will be applied also for passes already issued and it will last for the entire period of the experimental project; therefore, 2 years from September 2021.

Students of Alma Mater can buy annual passes TPER of public transport of Bologna zone at a discounted price.


By taxi

It is possible to contact the following service numbers:

  • COTABO 051372727
  • TAXI Bologna 0514590


Where we are located

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences