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Quality Assurance Committee and other Committees

In order to carry out some of its functions, the Degree Programme Board is assisted by committees comprised of teachers involved in the programme. These committees are listed below, indicating their specific functions and contact persons.

Quality Assurance Committee 

The Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee helps the Coordinator to monitor the quality assurance procedures and promote a culture of quality.

For this purpose, the Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for:

  • verifying implementation of the improvement measures approved in the annual report of the Degree Programme Board;
  • monitoring the careers of students, their opinions about the learning activities and their level of satisfaction at the end of the programme, as well as graduate employment rates;
  • reporting the results of its monitoring activities to the Degree Programme Board.  

University regulations require the Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee to comprise the Coordinator and other members of the Degree Programme Board, including student representatives.

At present it is composed by:

  • Professor ROBERTO BARBIERI (Degree Programme Director)
  • Professor LUCIA CONTE (Degree Programme Teacher)
  • Professor MARIA VALLISNERI (Degree Programme Teacher)

Laboratories and On-the-field activities Security Committee 

This committee is updated on the initiatives organised by the School and/or the Department to promote safety during laboratories and on-the-field activities of enrolled students.

At present it is composed by:

  • Professor ROBERTO BARBIERI (Degree Programme Director)
  • Professor MARTA GALLONI (Degree Programme Teacher)
  • Professor LUIGI CANTELLI (Degree Programme Teacher)