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Final examination: modalities

To graduate, you have to sit a final examination designed to verify that you have reached the education objectives set by the Degree Programme.

    The final examination

    The final examination consists in writing a dissertation on a subject pertinent to your studies, elaborated in an original way, under the guidance of a supervisor. The dissertation will be discussed publicly during a specific final examination session in front of a Board.
    The Board will assess your performance using your curriculum as a reference. During the dissertation discussion, you may use slides and the Commission may ask you in-depth questions on methods, results and any developments of your work

    Graduation application

    To submit your application online, you must access Studenti Online before the deadlines set for the application submission and the requirements.

    Graduation applications require the payment of €32.00 in stamp duty (imposta di bollo).
    Applications submitted after the ordinary deadline but within the final cut-off date (“scadenza tardiva con mora”) must be submitted with a €100.00 late fee. 

    Admission Requirements

    In order to graduate, you must have:

    • sat all the exams in your study plan and had them recorded;
    • paid all tuition fees;
    • uploaded the dissertation in pdf format on Studenti Online. The dissertation can be uploaded multiple times, until the requirements deadline expires. When uploading the dissertation, the system will ask you to enter some key words and a brief abstract;
    • compiled the Alma Laurea questionnaire on Studenti Online.

    The Student Administration Office will verify all requirements and will contact you if there are any issues, to allow you to regularise your position before the final examination.

    Students who do not manage to graduate within the selected date must ask the Student Administration Office for an annulment and submit their application again for the following graduation dates, by the established deadlines, with no additional payment.

    The renewal of the graduation application is necessary to graduate in an academic year that is subsequent to the one selected for the first time. This entails the payment of €16.00 in stamp duty (imposta di bollo).

    Deadlines a.a. 2023/2024

    Graduation dates are set during a single graduation session.

    Online application for the final examination is open Deadline for the online application Deadline for the online application with extra fee Deadline for the obtainment of the graduation requirements Deadline for the thesis upload Deadline for the supervisor approval of the thesis Final examination date
    03/04/2024 19/05/2024 07/06/2024 18/06/2024 23/06/2024 28/06/2024 08-09/07/2024
    01/07/2024 19/09/2024 30/09/2024 10/10/2024 15/10/2024 20/10/2024 30-31/10/2024
    01/07/2024 20/10/2024 08/11/2024 19/11/2024 24/11/2024 29/11/2024 09-12/12/2024
    09/12/2024 02/02/2025 21/02/2025 04/03/2025 09/03/2025 19/03/2025 24-25/03/2025

    Thesis upload and metadata submission

    Follow the instructions published on StudentiOnline.


    Check the information to fill inthe AlmaLaurea survey here

    Further information on the final thesis

    Refer to the following University webpage to know more about the final exam.

    Photographs and video recording during graduation session

    Read carefully the information contained at the following page


    Thesis defence

    The next final examination session will take place in July in person in Sala Lauree, via Selmi 3, Bologna.

    The schedule of the discussions will be published on this page. Graduands will also be contacted via e-mail with further information regarding the organization of the final examination.

    Graduands have 15 minutes to present their thesis by using a ppt/pdf presentation. Further 5 minutes are dedicated to the discussion with the Commission.

    Proclamation of the graduate

    At the end of the thesis defense, the Board will then proclaim the graduand as a graduate with Master’s degree, declaring the grade and cum laude honour (if granted). The candidate must bring the presentation on the day of the discussion on a pendrive in a format compatible with Windows 10, ppt or pdf.

    It is recommended to save the presentation in e-mail, so that it can be recovered in case of malfunctions.