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Request for the recognition of university credits for working, extra-curricular, other activities

If you have carried out a working / extra-curricular experience, or an experience beyond University, consistent to the degree programme learning activities you can ask for the recognition of these activities as a curricular internship.

You can submit a request for recognition regardless of the fulfillment of any prerequisites usually provided for access to the internship and whenever you want as long as two conditions are satisfied:

-the request is made in the academic year which includes the internship activity;

-the internship activity must be entered in the study plan.

The maximum number of credits that can be recognised for curricular internships is 12 while for internships for the final examination the limit is linked to the credits associated to the training activity in the study plan.

In order to apply for recognition you must submit to the Student Administration Office the following documents (available among attachments):

1) application form for recognition of extracurricular activities;   

2) declaration of performed activities issued by the host organisation;

3) report on the activities carried out arranged by the student.

Ways of delivery of the documents mentioned to be arranged with the Student Administration Office.

Only if the recognition concerns the internship for final examination it is also necessary to attach to the documents mentioned above a declaration of the end of activities issued by the Thesis Supervisor certifying the activity object of the request.

The request for recognition is evaluated by the Board of the degree programme, in accordance with the Internship Board.

The outcome of the evaluation and the updating of the career is communicated by the Student Administration Office within 60 days from the submission of the request.


- If you are about to graduate please keep in mind the date by which you must have all your credits registered (those coming from the recognition too).

- The credits recognised can impact the examination of the merit requirements to obtain the total exemption or the calculation of the student contribution based on economic status and merit.

- You can’t submit request for extracurricular activites already recognised by University.