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Curricular Internship

Curricular internships are learning activities that allow students to obtain credits contemplated in the course structure diagram of their degree programme, which also allow to acquire practical skills and make initial contact with the world of work.


In case of internship

  1. outside of the University, you must be informed on the safety protocols adopted by the companies / entities and respect their indications in particular regarding the rules of conduct, the entry and exit procedures and the methods of use of the individual protection devices that will be provided to you.
  2. inside the University, you must be informed on the safety protocols adopted by the Departments / Structures and you must comply with their indications, in particular regarding the rules of conduct, the entry and exit procedures, the registration procedures and the methods of use of the individual protection devices that will be provided to you. 

Please remember also that if you attend the University structures, you're required to immediately report the event of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 to your teacher of reference.

Trainees can make the following choices:

* Start/continue the internship remotely, agreeing the activities with the host institution's tutor in agreement with the academic tutor. The attendance register must be filled in by indicating the activities carried out remotely, and must be signed and uploaded on the internship platform at the end of the internship.

* Start/continue the internship in presence by scrupulously following the indications contained in the safety protocols adopted by the host organizations


Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the Host Structure (company, public body, professional firm etc.) and an internship programme signed by the parties concerned.

It is a training activity chosen by the student, aimed at completing university education through the realization of practical experience at internal structures of the University of Bologna (e.g. departments, administration areas, museums, etc.) or at external structures (companies, public bodies, professional offices, etc.), in Italy and abroad.

The student interested in carrying out the internship must insert it in the study plan during the periods indicated on Preparing the study plan.

The presence of the internship in the study plan does not imply the assignment by the University: the student interested in carrying out the internship must find by himself/herself a structure willing to host him/her.

Who is eligible

Students regularly enrolled are eligible for internships, which must be carried out as part of their degree programme. For this Course, Internship is an optional learning activity.


Unless otherwise established by national or European regulations, internships normally have a duration of 25 hours for every University educational credit assigned to them in the course structure diagram for the degree programme.

The amount of hours required can be extended to a maximum of 20% of the foreseen hours, without formal obligations to the internship office, by simple agreement between the trainee – the host institution – the academic tutor, if this is necessary for the full achievement of the training objectives of the traineeship and if the internship period remains as indicated in the internship programme.

The laps of time within which it must be completed cannot exceed 12 months

How to choose the Host Structure

Internships may be carried out in University structures or externally, either in Italy or abroad.
To choose where to carry out the internship, you can consult the list of structures that hold agreements with the University and/or internship offers already published on Internships online.

If the Host Structure does not already have an agreement with the University, an agreement may be stipulated and, once it has been stipulated, the internship can start.

The internship CANNOT be carried out at a host structure where the legal representative, the cooperation partner or the responsible manager in charge has family ties or affinity within the 2nd degree with the interested student.

How to activate an internship

1) Insert the intership in your study plan.

2) Attend the online course on health and security at work (modules 1 and 2) according to art. 37 c. 2 of D. Lgs. 81/2008 and obtain the related certification.

If you hold already a certification obtained during precedent educational or working activities, you can verify if this might be recognized as equivalent to the attendance of the online course by sending the certification already obtained to

3) Present an application on the Online Internship database or reply to a published internship offer indicating as Tutor Prof. Marica Tolomelli. The requests will be validated by the university tutor you have indicated without the need to contact the university tutor or solicit her reply.

4) Then follow the procedure that will be indicated by the emails that will be send to your institutional university account.

5) Download from the Online Internship database the internship programme, sign it and ask for the signature of the hosting institution.

6) Upload on the Online internship database the internship programme signed by yourself and by the hosting institution and wait for the validation of the Internship Office.

7) Download the attendance register to be able to start the internship.

N.B. In no case the Internship can start without having completed these steps. The Internship can be carried out only in the period in between the start and end dates shown on the internship programme and on the attendance register.

The Course on Health and Safety in the Workplace

The University of Bologna makes available e-learning training courses to all of its students in the context of promoting safety and health in places of study and research.

For students interested in doing an internship outside the University, it is strongly recommended to carry out both modules of the course on health and safety in the workplace pursuant to art. 37 c. 2 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and to obtain the related certifications.

Certificates obtained in previous work experience may be considered valid and could replace the attendance of the online course; to verify its validity, the interested students must send their certificates to

Internship at internal structures of the University of Bologna

The internship can also be carried out at internal structures of the University of Bologna (Departments, Libraries, Museums, etc.). For this type of internship, you can contact the Internship Office (

During the internship

During the internship, you must keep in contact with your University Tutor, to whom you can refer to for any support or advice you may need on how to carry out your activities, and you must record your daily activities in the attendance register.
The Internship hours must be recorded during the period between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register. Following the regulations, during the internship the weekly working time must not exceed 40 hours and the daily working time must not exceed 8 hours.
Before leaving the Host Structure, make sure that the attendance register is countersigned by the Host Contact Person.

What to do at the end of the internship

At the end of the internship, you need to insert on the online internship platform the end date of your internship and upload your attendance register. You will then receive a notification by e-mail to fill in the questionnaire about your internship experience. The Host Structure will also receive a notification by e-mail to fill in an evaluation questionnaire.

Prof. Marica Tolomelli will validate the internship after the host structure will have completed the online questionnaire.

For the verbalization of the internship, you need to book the relative appointment on AlmaEsami published by Prof. Marica Tolomelli. Please use the first possible appointment published on AlmaEsami available after the end of your internship.

Withdrawal, interruption, suspension of the internship

The interruption, which must contain all the personal data of the trainee, the indication of the university tutor and the start and end dates (expected and effective) of the traineeship, must be communicated strictly within the expected end date of the traineeship, by e-mail, to the Traineeships Office (, the host institution and the university tutor.

After the interruption of the internship, the student will need to start a curricular internship at another Host Structure, without the possibility to get recognized the working hours already carried out precedently.

Insurance cover

The University of Bologna guarantees insurance cover for students against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are written by insurance companies that specialise in the sector.

The insurance cover is guaranteed only during the approved period of the internship programme. In the event of working hours carried out before the approved start date of the internship or after the approved end date without sending an extension request, those working hours will not be valid and cannot be part of the required amount of hours to obtain the credits foreseen in the didactic plan.

Request for recognition of work carried out during the internship

If the degree programme teaching regulations allow it, you may request the recognition of a work activity (or an activity comparable to it) that you carried out that faces the same learning oucomes of the course degree and lasted for the same period required by the internship activity:

- Working activity (questionnaire 1)

- Servizio Civile Nazionale (questionnaire 2)

- Voluntary Service (questionnaire 3)

After checking the admissibility of the request and the completeness of the documentation, the Internship Committee and the Degree Programme's Council will express a favourable or adverse opinion.