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The curricular internship is a training experience, included in the study plan of the degree programme, aimed at completing academic education through practical experiences.

What is a curricular internship

Carrying out a curricular internship means spending a period of time working at a company or institution in Italy or abroad and earning university credits at the end of the activity.

Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the host structure (company, public body, professional firm etc.) and an internship programme signed by both parties.

Types of internships included in your Degree Programme

The internship is mandatory, you have to select in your study plan one of the following internship options:

  • Internship                                    12 credits (300 hours)
  • RAship - Tirocinio di ricerca    12 credits (300 hours)

The first option - INTERNSHIP - refers to internships at private companies, public institutions, professional firms etc, either in Italy or abroad. 

The RAship is an internship within the Department of Statistical Sciences where you can carry out tasks as a Research Assistant of a member of the Department. Please, refer to prof. ssa Romagnoli who will help you to find a project and a supervisor.

In order to set up a Raship, follow the specific on line procedure outlined afterwards in this page.

The internship that you will choose and undertake can be linked to the preparation of your final thesis, so it can be chosen in relation to it.

When you can apply

You can carry out the internship during your II year.

Commission Board/Internship Academic Tutor: prof.ssa Silvia Romagnoli

What to do at the end of the internship

 In the following order

  1. Before leaving the internship position, make sure that your attendance sheet is duly filled in and signed.
  2. Upload the whole attendance sheet on SOL-Internships
  3. Fill in the evaluation form that you'll then be directed to (you will find the link after you will have uploaded the attendance sheet)
  4. Once completed the points before, the Internship Office will validate the activity and your Internship Academic Tutor will register it. (It is not necessary to book a "registration session" on AlmaEsami).