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Final examination: procedure and deadlines

The final examination is the activity that concludes your university career and is designed to verify the achievement of the course's educational objectives.

The final examination takes place according to pre-established procedures and timetables.

Procedures are explained in the following paragraphs. In the box below you will find the calendar with each deadlines according to your degree programme.

Deadlines for a.y. 2023/24



Graduation Sessions




Late application (with € 100 extra fee)



Admission requirements


Deadline for uploading the final paper

Deadline for supervisor's approval of the final paper

Graduate committee members on StudentiOnline

First session (summer):

from July 19th to July 25th 2024



May 24th 2024


From May 25th to June 7th 2024



June 19th 2024



July 2nd 2024



July 8th 2024



July 12th 2024

Second session (autumn):

from October 28th to October 31st 2024



September 20th 2024


From September 21st to September 30th 2024



October 1st 2024



October 9th 2024



October 16th 2024



October 21st 2024


Second session (autumn):

from December 17th to December 20th 2024



October 17th 2024

From October 18th to October 24th 2024



November 11th 2024



November 18th 2024



November 25th 2024



December 9th 2024

Third session (winter):

from March 24th to March 27th 2024



January 24th 2024


From January 25th to February 7th 2025



February 21st 2025



March 4th 2024



March 11th 2025



March 17th 2025