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Recognition of an external working or extra-curricular activities as curricular internship

How to submit your request

If you have in your CV a work or internship experience (or other activities alike) consistent with the subjects and goals of your degree programme, you may apply for its recognition as a University curricular internship.

You may submit your request anytime in the academic year, as long as the activity is consistent, in its contents and aims, with your Degree programme.

The maximum number of credits that can be recognised from external working activities is 12, even if you selected in your study plan an internship option with more than 12 credits. Therefore, you can only ask to recognize an internship activity that provides 12 or less credits depending on your course stucture diagram.

To apply for recognition please submit the following documents (available in the attachment box) to the Student Administration Office:

  • The recognition request form;
  • The certificate of working activity: A document related to your work or internship activity, signed by your employer or reference person, where your position in the firm or organization is specified;
  • A brief report where you sum up your job description or your activities as an intern;

The documents must be sent (by post) to the following address: Economics, Management and Statistics - Student Administration Office/Segreteria Studenti Economia, Management e Statistica Via Marsala 49/A, 40126 Bologna. Alternatively, you may arrange an appointment to hand in the documents in person (please refer to the Student Administration Office contact information in this page). At present, it is not possible to send the documents by e-mail.

The recognition request will be examined by your Degree Programme Board, in agreement with the Internship Board. In case of positive evaluation, within max 60 days after submitting your request the Students Administration Office will inform you and update your student records.                                                                



  • If you are applying for the recognition of an external working activity and you are about to graduate, please consider the deadline by which all credits must be registered.
  • As any credits in your records, those coming from this recognition do count towards the evaluation of merit, if you are applying for the calculation of your tuition fees according to economic status and merit.
  • You cannot submit a request for the recognition of external working activities twice, e.g., if they have been previously recognized in your records.