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Health biology

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Programme aims

The programme introduces students to the main causes of human pathology and the modern diagnostic methods that aim to identify and prevent them and monitor the therapy applied to the clinical condition diagnosed. From this basic knowledge, the programme then focuses on specific aspects: - diagnostics: students learn the most common analysis techniques based on biospecific reagents, methods of microbiological diagnosis of infectious diseases, virology and parasitology diagnostics, methodical approaches to analyse Mendelian and complex genetic traits and the advanced molecular diagnostic… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the degree programme in Health Biology requires possession of a first cycle degree acquired in one of the classes provided by Ministerial Decree 270/04, Ministerial Decree 509/99, Law508/99, or of a first cycle degree acquired under the previous system, or of abachelor degree awarded after three years of study, or of a foreign qualification recognised as suitable. Additionally, it requires possession of curricular requirements and to have passed an assessment test. Curricular requirements In addition to the mentioned degrees,candidates must have acquired 40 CFU in four or… Read more