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Curricular Internship

The curricular internship is a learning activity included in the course structure diagrams of the Degree Programmes (DP) to complete university training and to acquire the CFU (credits) laid down in the study plan.

Unless otherwise provided for in national or European regulations, the internship usually has a duration of 25 hours for each CFU allocated to this type of activity in the Degree Programme course structure diagram (e.g.: Internship worth 9 CFU = 225 hours).

The curricular internship may be:

  • mandatory or optional, depending on the course structure diagram (the HBR students who want take the internship, ​must select 75467 - Internship M in their study plan);
  • dedicated to the preparation of the final examination, unless otherwise provided for in the DP the student is enrolled in;
  • performed at departments in the University or external organisations, in Italy or abroad.

​Before submitting the application to the Internship Office the student must include in ​his/her ​Study Plan ​the internship (75467 - Internship M), the methods and the terms to fill in the Study Plan are notified on the School website (here).

The inclusion of the curricular internship in the ​Study Plan does not automatically mean that the ​University will approve the internship; the student wishing to do one must take steps promptly to identify an organisation willing to host him/her.

The proposal is assessed and the authorisation to perform the activities given by the HBR Internships Board.

The University guarantees the insurance cover for internship students, against accidents at work and civil liability, exclusively for the period authorised by the Internships Board.

If the purpose of the curricular internship is the preparation of the final examination (2nd cycle dissertation or final examination for graduation) and the associated hours are not sufficient for completing the planned activities, thereafter it is possible to start a dissertation internship without the allocation of CFU even where not included in the course structure diagram.

To perform a curricular internship or prepare the dissertation abroad with a grant from the University, students may apply for an Erasmus+ Internship grantErasmus+Study Grant for Dissertations Abroad, etc. which are published throughout the academic year.


How and when to start the internship

To identify the host organisation students can:

  1. log on to the University internship application ( to apply for the available curricular internships and/or submit a self-candidature to perform an internship (having forwarded the candidature, the student must wait to be contacted by the organisation for an initial interview);
  2. propose that the internship be performed in an organisation which does not yet hold an agreement with the university for internships but which, in any case, must be signed prior to the start of the activities. 


The entry of the candidature/self-candidature by the student and the company data by the host organisation in the internship application does not complete the procedure for activating the internship which, in any case, must always be done by the student by submitting the specific  ​Internship ​Application FORM signed to the Teaching Office.

Having defined the learning objectives, methods of performance and the period of the internship, in agreement with the host organisation contact person and the academic tutor, the student may submit the Internship ​Application FORM containing all elements required to qualify the activity and with all the signature to the ​Teaching Office (Mon. to Fri. 10:00 - 12:30; Tue. and Thu. 14:30 - 16:30) or by e-mail to  

The academic tutor is identified by the student from among the full-time Professors and Researchers teaching in ​HBR Degree Programme.

The host organisation contact person is identified independently by the host organisation.

The Internship ​Application FORM must be submitted to the ​Teaching Office already completed with all data and signatures, with the exception of the signature of authorisation from the Chairman of the Internships Board which is obtained by the Teaching Office.

If the internship is conducted in a host organisation which already holds a Company Agreement with the University, the student may apply between 1st and 10th day of each month in order to start the activities from the first day of the subsequent month (e.g.: to start of internship from 01/02/2017 onwards, the Internship Application Form must be delivered to Teaching Office from the 1st to the 10th of January 2017).

If the internship is applied for at a host organisation which does not already hold an agreement with the university, before submitting the application in the above-indicated windows, the student must ensure that the host organisation willing to host him/her sends a message to and to indicating in the subject "Request for Agreement for curricular and dissertation internship + name and surname of the student". Subsequently, the Teaching Office will provide the organisation with all instructions required to register on the internship application. Only after the data of the host organisation has been entered on-line, the student can submit the online application and the Internship ​Application FORM.

The Company Agreement between the host organisation and the University must in any case be signed prior to the start of the internship.

If on the last useful date for submitting the application the Internship Office is not open to the public or it is a holiday, the last date is automatically extended to the next date the office is open to the public.

Applications received after the 10th day of the month will be assessed in the following month.

The authorisation to perform the internship is given by the ​HBR Internships Board, the relations with the board are held directly by the Teaching Office.

What to do before starting the internship

After submitting the Curricular internship/dissertation internship application to the Teaching Office and before starting the internship, the student must wait to receive the message sent by the university notifying the authorisation to perform the activities.

The notification will be sent to the student's institutional university e-mail address ( only after the internship has been approved by the competent Internships Board.

In the case of the curricular internship students will also receive an e-mail providing the attendance register where they must indicate the days and hours spent at the host organisation (in “pdf” format).

In the case of dissertation internships without the allocation of CFU the attendance register is not issued.

In both cases, it is not possible to start the internship before having received the notification from the Internship Office.

The hours laid down for the internship must be completed in the period between the approved start date and the end date of the internship (there are no minimum hours to be performed daily, but there is a maximum limit of 8 hours per day). 

What to do at the end of the internship

In the case of a curricular internship, before leaving the host organisation the student must carefully check that all parts of the attendance register, concerning the days and hours of attendance, have been duly completed and that page 8 has been signed by the host organisation contact person to certify the activities actually undertaken.

To be admitted to the internship examination, the hours indicated in the attendance register cannot be less than the number of hours laid down in the course structure diagram (e.g.: internship worth 12 CFU = min. 300 hours – max. 360 hours).

At the end of the internship, the student must produce a report on the activities performed. The ​report, approved and signed by the academic tutor, must be presented with the attendance register on the day of the internship examination. 

After passing the internship examination, the internship report is returned to the student while the attendance register must be delivered to the Teaching Office.

In the case of dissertation internships without the allocation of CFU, at the end of the experience there is no internship exam but any learning activities linked to the final examination, where included in the study plan, must in any case be recorded.