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Internship and/or Research on Historic Building

According to the master degree study plan, HBR students can choose to replace their Internship (75467) with “Research on Historic Building” (75466).

The internship still remain the “first choice” to comply with the master programme, while Research on Historic Building can be selected when there are valid reasons to do this (e.g. students involved in the dual degree program with Tongji University, foreign students having problems in finding an internship in Italy, reasons related to specific personal situations, etc.).

Before select in your Study Plan the Research on Historic Building, please contact the professor in charge of RoHB activity (Prof. Antonini) explaining your reasons, in order to have a prior approval of your choice.

Students who choose RoHB must prepare and submit a research related to the topic of their final dissertation, therefore NO REGULAR CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED.

The research should focus on an accurate preliminary study of the thesis topic (state of the art, in-depth bibliography review, repertoire of ongoing or recently researches carried out on the subject, etc.), or deepening one or more aspects that will be briefly studied within the thesis.

To be recognized as RoHB, the research activity must be additional / complementary to those already included in the thesis project. There is no fixed size for the report, but it should be consistent with a workload corresponding to 12 cfu.

To perform the RoHB activity students must:

  • identify the Thesis Supervisor and the topics of the future dissertation
  • ask to the Thesis Supervisor and the professor in charge of RoHB activity to help them in defining the program for the RoHB
  • prepare a written report of the research the students will carry out and submit it to the Thesis Supervisor and the professor in charge of RoHB activity for their approval

IMPORTANT! 75467 Internship (as an alternative to Research on Historic Building) and Internship for preparation for the final examination (in Italy or abroad) are two different and separate activities, corresponding to 12 cfu each.

If you decide to include both of them in your study plan (without taking Research on Historic Building), you should firts perform 75467 Internship and then the Internship for preparation for the final examination (in Italy or abroad).