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Industrial Chemistry

Programme aims

The master's degree programme sets out to produce graduates with the theoretical and practical expertise required to work in multi-disciplinary work areas engaged in: - research, - development, - production, - quality and safety control, - application and commercialization of materials or products for industry, agriculture, services or the consumer market. The master's graduates will be able to tackle problems dealing with the definition, design, development and industrial implementation of: - chemical, microbiological or enzymatic processes, - energy-production processes harnessing… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the Industrial Chemistry curriculum Admission to the 2nd cycle degree programme is subject to the possession of the prescribed curricular requirements and to the passing of a test to assess the students' personal competencies and skills. To benefit from the second-cycle Master's degree programme in Industrial Chemistry one needs to have previously learned: - How to gather and process technical data related to chemical processes and reactions, - The ability to understand the basic mechanisms of chemical reactions (theory, methodology, experiment) and to… Read more