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International relations and diplomatic affairs

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Programme aims

The secondcycle degree programme in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs setsout to train professional figures able to analyse, interpret, assess and managethe issues pertaining to the international dimension of political, economic andsocial phenomena in both the public and private sector. These figures run fromgeopolitical analyst working for think-tanks or businesses operatinginternationally to journalist specialised in foreign policy issues, officer ininternational organisations or humanitarian worker in NGOs. The programmetherefore includes course units that further study… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the 2nd-cycle Degree Programme inInternational Relations and Diplomatic Affairs is subject to the possession ofa first cycle degree or a bachelor's degree awarded after three years of study,or a foreign educational qualification recognised as suitable. Additionally, candidates must meet the curricular requirements and passthe assessment of personal knowledge and skills. Curricula requirements - pursuant to Italian Min. Decree 270: L-5 Philosophy L-11 Modern languages and civilisations L-12 Applied languages L-14 Legal services L-16 Administration L-20 Communication … Read more