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Italian Culture and Language for Foreigners

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Programme aims

The degree programme aims to produce high-calibre Master's graduates with language/cultural and language/theoretical skills in a European or extra-European foreign language, as well as specific training in teaching foreigners Italian language and culture. Along with a broad background in literature, political and cultural history, and traditional Italian art and music, graduates will also possess a range of flexible techniques with which to tackle issues of mediation in an intercultural situation, as well as the complex problems of a multi-ethnic citizenry. Their teacher training entails… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the degree programme 1. Curricular requirements and verification thereof To benefit from a second-cycle Master's degree programme in Language, Society and Communication, one needs to have a three-year university degree or diploma or another qualification gained abroad and recognised as suitable. To join the Master's degree programme the following access requirements are also needed: a) To have gained a degree in one of the following classes or possess another qualification gained abroad and recognised as suitable: ex D.M. 270: class L-11; ex.… Read more