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Master Thesis - Operating procedures

Final examination methods

How to recognition Transferable Skills

For the recognition of the 3 ECTS of the activity "Transferable Skills" complete and deliver the form with the list of activities at the administrative office 050, Mrs. Ornella Serafini, at ground floor of the "Toso Montanari" Department of Industrial Chemistry.

How to start the Master Thesis research project

The student must fill in a request form for the assignment of the Tutor and the Thesis topic having completed at least 45 credits. The experimental part of the Thesis can be carried out in university institutions or in other external structures, even abroad. The Tutor assesses the congruity of the Thesis topic within the purpose of the Master Degree.

After the completion of the Master Thesis research project, the student can access the final examination.


Final examination

The final examination consists in the submission of a Thesis (original manuscript report) related to original experimental activities in research fields that are relevant to the Master Course.

The thesis is publicly discussed in front of a Commission designated by the Council of the Master Course. The Commission evaluates the work carried out by the student having in mind her/his study curriculum. During the discussion the student will present the work carried out with the help of slides and the Commission will then ask in-depth questions on methodological aspects, results and possible developments of the work.

The final score is the sum of the average weighted marks of all exams (based on 110) and the score of the final examination from the Commission.


Admission to the final examination

The admission request to the final examination must be presented through the “Studenti Online” service within the deadlines reported below (deadline for applying on Studenti Online – D0). After the deadline, a late application is still possible by paying a € 100 fee (Late deadline for applying on Studenti Online-D1)

One graduation session is scheduled each year. The session includes a number of dates, each with their deadlines for the submission of the graduation application, requirements and dates.

For the admission to the final exam, the student must have passed all exams and obtained all the training credits of the Master course programme, except those reserved for the final exam (Master Thesis, 27 CFU) (Deadline for requisite – D2).

Tuition fees must be paid and the Alma Laurea questionnaire on Studenti Online must be compiled.

The request for admission to the final examination is valid only for one session and not for the following ones. If a student does not get her/his degree in the session for which she/he was admitted, the request must be resubmitted for the next session.


Students need to upload the final thesis in pdf format on Studenti Online within seven days before the date set for the final examination. The thesis content needs to be agreed upon with the Supervisor in advance. (Thesis upload – D3)

Supervisors must approve the thesis uploaded (thesis approval – D4).


Students can publish the digital format of the final thesis on the institutional repository of the University of Bologna: Alma DL AMS-Tesi online (see instructions on the attachments box)

Please note: It is forbidden to use the University of Bologna logo anywhere on the thesis.

Graduation sessions
First:  July 2020;
talks from Monday 20 to Thursday 23; proclamation on Friday 24th

Second: October 2020;
talks from Monday 19 to Thursday 22; proclamations Friday 23

Third: March 2021;
talks from Monday 22 to Thursday 25; proclamations Friday 26th