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Master Thesis

Final examination methods

The final exam consist in the submission of a Thesis (original manuscript report) related to original experimental activities in the research fields that concern the Master Course. The thesis is discussed in front of a Commission designated by the Council of the Master Course.
The student must submit a request for the assignment of the Tutor and the Thesis topic having completed at least 45 credits. The experimental part of the Thesis can be carried out in a structure of the University or in other external structures, even abroad. The Tutor asserts the congruity of the Thesis topic within the purpose of the Master Degree. For the admission to the final exam, the student must have completed all the training credits of the Master course programme, except those reserved for the final exam.
Oral presentation and discussion take place in one of the three graduation sessions established for each academic year. The Degree Council appoints the Commissions for final exam, and their Presidents, Commissions. are made up of at least 4 members, chosen amongst the professors and researchers of the School and of Departments contributing to the Master Degree, and includes the Tutor of the thesis under discussion. The Commission shall evaluate the candidate taking into account the curriculum and the completion of the final test. The rules for the award of the vote are established by the Degree Council and may be reviewed annually. The amended rules will come into effect from the summer session of the next academic year.