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Programme aims

The LOW CARBON TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY is a new 2 years Master's Degree focused on natural cycles industrial chemistry, materials chemistry, industrial biotechnology with aimed at assessing the environmental impact and managing and developing low environmental impact technologies.

This Master is an international degree where is possible to obtain the title in one of the two degree classes: LM-71 or LM-75, as a function of the study plan followed. The programme, which is completely taught in English, is aimed to provide the necessary knowledge of evaluation and implementation for sustainable solution in the development of technologies and processes and in the design and synthesis of innovative chemical products and materials. The course is conceived with an interdisciplinary approach, involving the topics of safety, health, environmental sustainability and biogeochemical cycles, with a particular focus on the development of low carbon processes, starting from biomass conversion, CO2 utilisation, identification and reduction of critical raw materials, and more generally, the progress and growth of atom-economy, material recycling, green chemistry. At the end of the course graduate Technologists for low-carbon, chemical and environmental sustainable development will be able to: 

·         know the CO2 anthropogenic emissions and the technologies for CO2 reduction and utilisation;

·         understand the cycles of main and critical materials and elements and the methods of their recovery;

·         investigate biomass value chains and valorisation processes, to produce fuel, chemicals, energy and materials;

·         apply methods to assess the environmental impacts associated with the production of materials and energy and the technologies to make processes more sustainable;

·         manage chemical processes by choosing optimal conditions from the economal, safety, and environmental impact points of view.

·         integrate their own knowledge with those of other disciplines.

Graduates will be able to address the issues related to the evaluation, management, definition, design, development and implementation of industrial processes for the production of energy and materials and for chemical and biochemical transformations aimed at closing cycles of critical materials, reducing the carbon intensity, CO2 emissions, and the use of raw materials and energy. Graduates will be able to assess more generally the problems of compatibility with the environment and safety, the choices and the application of key enabling technologies appropriate for the business development strategies, territorial, district and supply chain.

Each course has laboratory experiences coupled with exercises, modeling or simulations. The Master's Degree thesis includes at least 6 months of internship in the research laboratories.

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