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Technologists for low-carbon, chemical and environmental sustainable development can find career opportunities worldwide in both public and private research bodies and universities dealing with green and sustainable economy, circular economy and renewable energies, Institutions and agencies related to environmental monitoring and impact assessment, as well as chemical laboratories,  consulting services relevant to industrial plants and environmental management, professional organizations and firms engaged in the development towards more sustainable processes, in which biogeochemical cycles and anthropogenic activities are considered together, in a sustainability perspective.

Professional Areas:

  •  Research, Development and Management of Sustainable and Low-Carbon Processes, Technologies, Products, Materials and Formulations;
  •  Assessment and monitoring of sustainability and environmental impact.


Graduates in "Low Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Chemistry" (LoCaTe), as part of the proposed professional outlets, are able to:

  • Program, plan, realize and manage new processes, technologies, products and formulations, taking into account the environmental impact, the availability of raw materials, the development of supply chains from renewable and biomass sources and the closure cycles in line with the characteristics of the territory.
  • Support management in the selection of agroforestry or geological raw materials for the development of materials produced and processes.
  •  Analyze energy efficiency and apply strategies and technologies for the production and use of energy from renewable sources.
  •  Analyze the sustainability of processes, products and materials and evaluate the use and application of key enabling technologies to improve the sustainability of processes and materials.
  • On the basis of territorial specifications, analyze the supply chain and existing processes and products, plans and implement the assessment and monitoring of environmental risks, combining geological, biological and ecological skills with the ability to apply techniques and chemical technologies, process analysis and life cycle analysis.
  • Guarantee the technical assistance necessary for the detection of environmental impacts and environmental analysis both in the territory and in the workplace.
  • Support management on the definition of environmental risks and the assessment of the impacts of production and on the choice of development strategies and key enabling technologies to improve the process and the supply chain.
  • Develop proposals to carry out and improve the evaluation procedures of products and processes to comply with the framework of European legislation with particular reference to REACH, and the European guidelines on emissions of pollutants and carbon intensity.

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