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Programme aims

The 2ndcycle degree programme in Mass Media and Politics provides students with advancedand qualified competence and skills,other than analytical and methodological tools for an in-depth understanding of the relationshipbetween media and politics in national and international contexts, the relations between political and socialsystems and mass communication systems, the specific features of the media market, politicalcommunication and public opinion changes. 2nd cyclegraduates have interdisciplinary knowledge and are able to work in technicaland professional roles in public and private… Read more

Admission requirements

The 2ndcycle degree programme is open tostudents holding a 1st cycle degree, or other suitable qualification obtainedabroad, in one of the following subject areas: anthropology, communication,culture, demography, economics, philosophy, geopolitics, law, literature,languages, political science, psychology, sociology, history, gender studies. To be ableto profitably attend the 2nd cycledegree programme in Mass Media and Politics, students must meet the following requirements: - Knowledgeof the English language at least of level B1 (CEFR). - Adequatepersonal competence and skills. … Read more