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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

NEW!! The Call for applications for admission to the a.y. 2024/2025 (starting September 2024) has been published! 

Check out for requirements, deadlines and important dates in the box below

Please read the call for applications that you can find on right-hand side box carefully!

In order to be admitted to the second cycle degree/two year master programme in Mechanical Engineering for Sustainability, students must have a bachelor's degree or a three-year or five-year university italian diploma, or a foreign degree qualification recognised as suitable.

Students may apply even if they do not hold a Bachelor's degree yet if they have registered at least 135 credits (or 75% completed modules or programme)

Additionally, candidates must meet the curricular requirements and pass an evaluation procedure.


  1. Degree classes admitted or foreign degree qualification recognised as suitable:
  • ex Italian Law D.M. 270/04:
  • L-9 Ingegneria Industriale [Industrial engineering]
  • L-8 Ingegneria dell'Informazione [Information technology engineering]
  • or an equivalent degree qualification pursuant to previous Italian regulations.
  1. to meet all the following requirements of credits (CFU/ECTS):
  • at least 18 CFU/ECTS obtained in the field of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science;
  • at least 12 CFU/ECTS obtained in the field of Physical Sciences;
  • at least 18 CFU/ECTS obtained in the disciplinary fields of Mechanical Engineering (Italian SSD): ING-IND/08, ING-IND/09, ING-IND/10, ING-IND/12, ING-IND/13, ING-IND/14, ING-IND/15, ING-IND/16, ING-IND/17.

Admission to the second cycle degree/two-year master programme requires candidates to positively pass the assessment of their personal preparation according to the methods defined in the degree programme teaching regulations.

The personal preparation will be assessed through the documents evaluation and an online interview.

Candidates registered in either intake two or three who hold an Italian diploma in L-9 degree class which name includes the words Mechanical Engineering are exempted from the assessment of the suitable preparation, thus the oral interview.

English language skills (B2 level), based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, are also required. If you do not have any of the certificates listed in the call for applications, you can sit the OOPT test in the date indicated below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to attend one of the OOPT organised by the University laguage Centre (CLA) of the University of Bologna, you must let us know with at least one week notice from the test date, so that we can register you for the test. 

Admission to the master's degree is subject to a B2 level Italian language skills. Foreign students not in possession of the requirement must add a learning activity in the study plan, in order to achieve the level required.

Please find here a summary of the deadlines:

1st intake

apply by January 30th 2024 by 13.00 CEST

2nd intake

from March 14th to May 14th 2024 by 13.00 CEST

3rd intake

from June 17th to September 31th 2024 by 13.00 CEST


OOPT organised by the University Language Centre (CLA) of the University of Bologna

If candidates do not hold any of the certificates listed in the call for applications, nor have sat an OOPT for admission to another MSc programme of the University of Bologna for the a.y. 2024/2025, they can request to be registered for one the OOPT dates organised by the University Language Centre (CLA) of the University of Bologna.

Candidates can only sit one test.

The OOPT will take place on the following dates:

  • 05/03/2024
  • 09/04/2024
  • 07/05/2024
  • 04/06/2024
  • 02/07/2024
  • 05/07/2024

- 09/07/2024