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The international Master’s Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, entirely held in English, offers students an up-to-date and in-depth training to cope successfully with the future challenges of life sciences by emphasizing the most innovative cellular and molecular aspects of modern Biology.
Graduates in Molecular and Cell Biology will work in Universities and public or private Research Institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and biotechnology companies, laboratories of analyses in biomedical and environmental fields, agencies for scientific research and scientific dissemination. Graduates can access PhD programmes in Italy or abroad and can enrol in the Italian professional register of biologists.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

Because the molecular approach is the present and the future of Biology

Because lessons’ topics are in step with the latest discoveries in Biology

Because practical laboratory classes will help you to strengthen your thinking skills and conduct scientific experiments

Because the internship will allow you to experimentally investigate the biological problem that you are most interested in

Because it will give you the possibility to enrol in a PhD and start a career in science

The course in numbers

  • 70% International students and students not residing in the region

  • 79% Graduates aligned to the exam schedule

  • 31% Graduates with experience abroad

  • 83% Graduates satisfied with their studies

  • 18% Graduates who are working

  • 55% Graduates who are not working but are studying or not looking for work

  • 27% Graduates who are not working but looking for work

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