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Music Disciplines

  • Programme type Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two year Master - 120 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Bologna
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access Open access with assessment of personal competencies
  • Degree Programme Class LM-45 - Musicology and musical heritage
  • Degree Programme Director Enrico Pitozzi
  • Department Arts - DARvipem
  • Learning activities Course structure diagram

Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programme in Music Disciplines provides in-depth knowledge of the history of western music as an art and science, as well as its techniques, and the tradition of allied theoretical, philosophical and critical thought, in relation to other arts and sciences. The degree programme offers an array of subjects including historical musicology (centred on the acquisition of knowledge and historical-philological methods of investigation), philosophical-systematic musicology (exploring the association of music with art, philosophy,aesthetics, psychology and analytical… Read more

Admission requirements

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