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Preparation for the final examination

The "Preparation for the final examination" is a training activity included in the study plan, alternative to "Internship in prepartion for the final examination", aimed at writing the master thesis, in accordance with the academic supervisor.

Students at the second year can choose among four different activities for their final thesis project:

  • "Internship in preparation for the final examination"  (in Italy or abroad);
  • "Preparation for the final examination" (in Italy or abroad).

These activities can also be combined together. In any case the overall number of ECTS for all these activities must be (not less than) 24 ECTS. In practice, three different scenarios can be foreseen, according to the preference of each student for its final thesis project:

  1. Every traning activity entailing practical activities shall be considered as "Internship" and can be carried out within and outside of the University, both in Italy and abroad. Students who wish to perform an "Internship" activity for their thesis project can find all the information in this page.
  2. Students who wish to perform an experience aimed at completing their thesis project outside Italy and with a scolarship/financial support, are strongly recommended to apply for:

    - a study grant for the preparation of the final examination abroad

    international mobility programmes 

  3. Students who wish to perform a thesis project in Italy ("Preparation for the final examination", no Internship foreseen) are required to submit the Thesis Project form. Students must fill the form, sign it (together with the supervisor),  and send it to the Degree Programme Office ( The signed form must be sent before starting the activity. The "Preparation for the final examination" activity cannot be realized outside the University of Bologna. Please note that the Degree Programme Coordinator will register these credits in your student career shortly before the graduation day, after the Supervisor's dissertation approval and, in any case, by the deadline for the registration of all credits in your study plan. For more information on graduation deadlines, please check the page Final examination: modalities and deadlines.

The "Preparation for the final examination" (24 ECTS) is designated by default in the study plan of all the students. According to the actual activity selected by each student the default one may need to be modified by the University offices. In order to change your study plan, please have a look at this page (in particular, the section called "CHOICES IN THE GROUP RELATED TO THE PREPARATION OF THE FINAL EXAMINATION".)