Vai alla Homepage del Campus di Rimini Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in Sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted physical activities

Programme aims

The main objective of this degree programme is to give second-cycle graduates advanced scientific knowledge in the field of human wellness, with particular reference to the preventive and adaptive areas.The degree programme provides knowledge about how to maintain optimal physical efficiency throughout life, as applied to normal individuals and to populations susceptible to - or affected by - diseases correlated with sedentary or improper lifestyles, adapting physical activity to the needs of persons with disabilities or affected by diseases who may benefit from physical exercise, and… Read more

Admission requirements

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS In order to access this second-cycle degree programme, students must have graduated in one of the following classes or hold a foreign degree recognised as suitable: - pursuant to Italian Min. Decree 270: L-22 - pursuant to Italian Min. Decree 509/99: Class 33 - ISEF Diploma If the above degree requirements are not satisfied, access to the second-cycle degree programme is subject to possession of one of the following diplomas: first-cycle degree, three-year university diploma, four-year university diploma, diploma recognised as suitable in accordance with… Read more