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Vocational internship TPV

Starting from a.y. 2023/24, Master Degrees in Psychology are qualifying to enable their graduated people to have a direct access to the profession of psychologists (dm 653/21), in Italy.

How to choose the hosting organization/institution

  • To find an organization/institution willing to host graduates for internship purposes, the graduates must refer to the list of valid institutions having an agreement with the University of Bologna which can host graduates for internship purposes. To insert a new Psychologist Tutor who is not present in the list above, it is necessary to compile and send the relevant form to the International Relations and Internship Office.
  • All indications and requirements specified in the internship project signed by the responsible Psychologist Tutor must be met. In particular, the insurance cover to the charge of this University shall be valid and effective according to the terms and conditions in which the internship is authorized, in conformity with existing Italian law. The University of Bologna shall not assume any responsibility for activities not included in the internship project or for activities conducted outside the period and the scope of the internship execution.

Graduates who intend to propose a new organization/institution should carefully read the relevant information page and contact the International Relations and Internship Office at the Campus of Cesena (hereafter, the Office). Please be aware that the process of evaluation/approval of a new hosting organization/institution may take up to six months. Without prejudice to the normal processing times, it is however specified that the requests of evaluation for new organizations/institutions received after the mid of June shall not be evaluated before September.

Under any circumstances, the organization/institution where the internship is carried out must have an agreement with the University of Bologna and must already have obtained the conformity to host postgraduate interns or trainees before the start of the internship activities/project.

How to activate the postgraduate internship

After having identified the hosting institution or organization, the trainee or intern must contact the internship reference person/-s at the institution and agree with them on the internship programme/project, its duration and on other details. After having defined these aspects, the trainee must present to the International Relations and Internship Office (by sending it via E-mail to the address the internship application consisting in:

  1. The Application to the Rector of the University of Bologna (to be compiled in all parts, including a tax stamp of 16,00 Euro) which must be submitted only once, before starting the internship period;
  2. The Authorization by the hosting organization/institution, to be compiled by the institution itself and be duly signed by the institution’s responsible person;
  3. The Internship Project to be edited and signed by the Psychologist Tutor;
  4. A proof or receipt of payment of the tuition fee for the internship programme according to the instructions contained in the document “Documenti necessari per l’avvio del tirocinio” (in Italian) available in the attachments section of the present Web page.
    All documents must be forwarded as original documents (even if they were previously transmitted via email).

Approval of the internship

After having recorded the internship application, our Office will send to applicants a confirmation message via e-mail, including the attendance register for the entire duration of the internship (1 year). The trainee shall report all activities carried out on a daily basis in the register. The register shall be compiled on a daily basis by the trainee under the supervision of his/her psychologist tutor, and it shall be signed at the end of the attendance certification (including the relevant stamp of the psychologist tutor). The internship activities cannot be started without the prior written authorization by the International Relations and Internship Office. The authorization is sent to the applicant with the sending of the attendance register.

Withdrawal, interruption and suspension

If the trainee intends to withdraw from the internship or he/she wants to interrupt or suspend the internship activities for reasons not allowing for the regular completion of his/her duties, he/she must consult the internship regulations and the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and then contact the International Relations and Internship Office.

What to do at the end of the internship

At the end of the internship programme, the trainee must deliver or ship to our Office the attendance register as duly compiled and signed, before applying for the Italian national exam for psychologists. The trainee must also compile the online questionnaire which has been drafted in accordance with the Association of psychologists of the Emilia Romagna Region. After compiling the questionnaire, the trainee must print and send the receipt of the questionnaire to our Office, together with the attendance register. In conformity with Italian law n. 15/2011, it is not possible to release to trainees the certification of completed internship because no certifications are allowed nor can be issued between public administrations. The trainee shall therefore produce a self-declaration if needed.

Insurance cover

The University of Bologna shall guarantee to all internship applicants an insurance cover against accidents at work and a third party/liability insurance at a valid insurance company across the market.

In case of missions, trips or travels at institutions or seats not included in the internship programme already approved, it is possible to ask (also during the internship period) for an extension of the insurance cover to external seats, trips or missions provided that these trips, missions or external seats are coherent with the objectives of the internship programme or project. Any request of insurance cover extension must be submitted to the International Relations and Internship Office via e-mail to the address:

The course on Security and safety at the workplace (in Italian) is mandatory for all graduates willing to carry out the internship.

For further information, applicants can contact the International Relations and Internship Office.

 For further details: