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The Laurea Magistralis Course in Quantitative Finance
(Q-Finance) provides a unique opportunity for graduate study of frontier mathematical and statistical techniques applied to financial markets.

After a first year of  introduction to the standard concepts of  probability, economic and finance, the student will be driven to a specialized study leading to four main professional figures

  • Pricer: will master the most advanced techniques fot the evaluation of financial and insurance products
  • Asset Manager: will master the most advanced techniques for the design of managed funds products and for the design and implementation of asset management strategies
  • Risk Manager: will master the most advanced techniques to measure risk in the financial and insurance industry and to design hedging and capital allocation policies
  • Insurance market specialist: will master the most advanced techniques for the design and evaluation of insurance products and will develop techniques to address and manage actuarial risks.

In the year of specialization, the students will actively participate in and international workshop on the most advanced topics in the quantitative finance, risk management and insurance, with a visiting faculty featuring the most well known scholars in the field.

The Graduates of the Laurea Magistralis in Q-Finance will be targeted to professional careers in research centers, positions as “quants” in the finance and insurance industry,  or Academic careers in the field.