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Quant Finance Master's Guide 2019

The MA in Quantitative Finance at University of Bologna is ranked 1st in Italy and 14th in Europe. We are proud of our Faculty and students!

Published on 10 September 2019

Are you wondering what are the leading QF MA programmes? The website has published an article featuring the updated ranking at 2019. To compile the ranking, they considered eight different metrics and assigned a weight to each, in order to reflect their contribution to the final score. The eight variables are:


  • Number of students;
  • Acceptance rate;
  • Percentage of students accepting their offer;
  • Ratio between number of students and number of lecturers;
  • Number of industry-affiliated lecturers;
  • Employment rate in finance sector six months after graduation;
  • Number of citations of the five most cited lecturers in academic journals in the past four years
  • Average salary six months after graduation, adjusted for the purchasing power parity conversion factor provided by the World Bank.


According to calculation, the Univeristy of Bologna is ranked 14th in Europe and 1st in Italy, featuring a low acceptance rate and extremely high employ rate up to 92%.

Our Faculty and students are proud of the positive result and hope the guide proves to be helpful to would-be master’s students.

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