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Risk Analyst, European Central Bank

The master in Quantitative Finance combines a robust theoretical knowledge of financial mathematics with the exposure towards programming languages and statistical packages. The course is internationally acknowledged and attracts many students from different backgrounds and countries, thereby fostering collaboration skills and exchange of ideas.

Luca Bortolussi

Lecturer in finance at ICMA Centre (UK) and President of the QF Alumni Association (QFAA)

If you are looking for a programme which offers a high level of practical knowledge in field of finance and computational finance, you will struggle to find a better programme than the MSc in Quantitative Finance. The MSc in Quantitative Finance will have a massive impact on your ability to get the job you want, and to progress in your career

Ivan Sangiorgi

Business Analyst at McKinsey &Company, Inc

Quantitative Finance is definitely the degree you are looking for if you are interested in the financial sector. Very well prepared and disposable professors, a very friendly, helpful and international environment and the certainty of a personal and professional development are some of the main reasons to choose this course

Jacopo Farolfi

Quantitative Risk Analyst, Morgan Stanley​

Are you interested in both Math and Finance?Do you want to challenge yourself?The QFi degree provides you with the financial and mathematical tools crucial to the development of your career path, along with a wide spectrum of international opportunities. In addition, an international and friendly environment spurs teamwork and collaboration

Nicolò Ravaglia

Alexandra Cosma, Costanza Luna, Mohammad Ali Elminejad taking part in the CFA Research Challenge international competition in 2015.

INTQUANT award for the best student presentation - Katowice in March 2017

He participated in the Intensive Programme at the University of Economics in Katowice in March 2017 and represented his team during the conference in the INTQUANT Case Study Challenge. After an elaborated presentation of the case study results his group convinced the jury during the question and answer session.

Daniele della Rossa

Risk Analyst, Fintech

The QF degree was exactly what I needed to improve my skills in financial mathematics, computational finance and statistics. The course is internationally-oriented and give you the possibility to know people from all over the world and participate in international experiences that can train you on a professional and personal level.

Spiridione Francesco Sardina