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RESD is intended for students who seek a career as:

  • Advisers at governmental authorities (ministries, provinces and municipalities)
  • Managers and environmental consultants in the industry; experts in sustainable resources management, including the energy sector.
  • Consultants in nature conservation organizations; water, waste management and transport.
  • Experts in city management, urban planning and environmental consulting; Construction and building stock management.
  • Applied climate change researchers and experts, hired, for instance, by banks, insurance companies, large construction companies, and companies operating in the energy sector. Also local, national and European governments need climate change and climate finance experts.
  • Facilitators at consultancies, specialists and project leaders in non-governmental organizations.
  • Development practitioners and policy makers in internationally oriented organizations, constructing socioeconomic and environmental scenarios as a tool for adaptation policies conflicts and synergies between adaptation, economic development, security, poverty and human rights agendas.
  • PhD fellows or researchersat international research institutes, universities, environmental organizations or governmental organizations.
  • Independent entrepreneurs.

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Corso di Resource Economics and Sustainable Development - codice 8839
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