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What our students are saying

I've always felt sensitive about environmental problems. I believe RESD is the perfect balance between my values and my previous economic studies.
Rimini is a very stimulating and funny place to spend your university years, full of students and things to do. Here I found many opportunities to improve my knowledge

Laura Marinelli, Italy, RESD 2017/2018

RESD is giving me many chances to make friends and exchange ideas with outstanding international students.
I feel that Rimini is a really beautiful and peaceful city to study in. I believe and wish that more and more students around the world will come here to study in the future.

Nguyen Nhat Quang, Vietnam, RESD Student 2017/2018

I chose RESD because of its international features and because I wanted to study sustainability from an economic point of view. The University of Bologna offers many opportunities for studying abroad. Exchanges of people and knowledge are highly promoted and evaluated in this Master.

Silvia Diazzi, Italy RESD student 2016/2017

World’s economics is going to adopt sustainability.Therefore, I chose this course to continue my journey of energy affairs with modern economic view and thanks to UNIBO, all of these been centralized into interdisciplinary RESD course.

Amir Fattahi, Iran, RESD Student 2015/2016

The University of Bologna offers RESD which I believe could be the right way to strengthen my concept of development economics. The subjects offered in RESD suits the one who wants to learn about interconnection between the environmental impact and the economic development. The other reason is that UNIBO is one of the best universities in Italy.

Stevan Chondro, Indonesia, RESD Student 2014/2015

RESD is one of the few programmes in Italy dealing with sustainability and natural resources.
The Rimini campus is well organized it's not too big and it allows to have a direct teacher-student interaction which is an enormous added value.

Francesca Marasca, Italy, RESD student 2014/2015