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Degree Programme Tutor

The Degree Programme Tutor is a useful reference point to help students in their relations with lecturers and, more in general, in the organisation of their study activities.


The tutor plays an interface role between students and the degree programme and is a valuable source of information, for example, to learn about the methods to access the programme and carry out its activities.  Students can contact the tutor also to flag requests concerning logistics or organisation. 

The Tutor participates into the orientation activities, provides support in the management of students' practices and collaborates in the activities for the surveying of students' opinion about the teaching activities.​

Additionally, the tutor offers personalised support to students who struggle, whether for work or other personal reasons, to keep up with the programme and exam schedules.

Hello everyone! My name is Edoardo Lercari and I’m a second-year student of Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage (S.Co.Re.) at University of Bologna in Ravenna Campus.

I was born and raised in Asti, between vineyards and the Langhe and Monferrato hills. For as long as I can remember, I have always been curious and open to new exciting experiences. I travelled a lot during the high school’s summers and visited for short or longer periods France, Spain, the UK and the US. I studied languages in high school and, when the moment of choosing my Bachelor’s degree topic came, I chose to go with my heart and I completely changed subject, applying to the program of Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Genoa.

During those three years, I had the chance to live abroad for one year, in Madrid, thanks to the Erasmus+ project. I had a taste of how amazing and stimulating an international environment could be. 

When finalizing my Bachelor’s degree, I was having a look around at the possible ways of continuing my academic career when a professor suggested me S.Co.Re; not long passed before I applied since it was the option that better complied with my many passions.

You can get in touch with me if you have any doubts about the degree programme, the application and enrolment process, life in Ravenna and in Italy, ER.GO scholarships, dissertation internships, and more. I’ll be happy to help!