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The obtainment of the Master’s degree qualifies students to be enrolled into PhD studies of the Mathematical, Physical and Natural Science Faculty of the University of Bologna.


Job market

Graduates will be able to carry out the following professional role and functions:

Conservation scientist

"A Conservation Scientist today can be defined as a scientist with a degree in one of the natural, physical and/or applied scientific disciplines and with further knowledge in conservation (ethics, history, cultural values, historical technologies, past and present conservation technologies and practice, specific scientific aspects, etc.) which enables him/her to contribute to the study and conservation of cultural heritage within an interdisciplinary team"(1).

(1) University Postgraduate Curricula for Conservation Scientists, Proceedings of the International Seminar, Bologna, Italy, 26-27 November 1999, ICCROM, Rome, 2000

Functions that describe the role of a Conservation Scientist 

  • Study, investigate and monitor cultural heritage and its environment with respect to conservation and preservation.
  • Define, develop and evaluate conservation concepts, materials, measures, methods and techniques and develop standards and guidelines.
  • Provide diagnosis before, during and after conservation interventions.
  • Conduct research on causes and mechanisms of deterioration and interpret scientific results for the benefit of the conservation of cultural heritage.
  • Communicate the scientific principles of conservation and promote scientific research in conservation.
  • Co-operate with other disciplines.

Career opportunities:

private and public conservation-restoration, forensic and research institutions

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