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What our students are saying

S.Co.Re. helped me to enhance my ability to work in multi disciplinary subjects as well as my general awareness of how the world works. Who can say no to study cultural heritage in Ravenna, birthplace to so many cultural heritage sites!

Seka Seneviratne, Sri Lanka student

The international and multidisciplinary environment of S.Co.Re. learnt me to keep an open mind and look for solutions across fields and countries. This programme is a good stepping-stone to become part of a small community of restoration-conservation scientists because it gives opportunity to be trained by experts passionated by their subject.

Anna Štulcová, Czech Republic student

S.Co.Re. degree programme provides a multi-dimensional approach and a platform for global learning. The idea of a conservation-scientist is highly pragmatic, and simultaneously, while evaluating the precious works of art, we are taught to respect the workmanship, its story of creation, and work with integrity towards our patrimony.

Sahitya Raja, Indian student

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