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Seminars 2019/2020

1st Semester

Seminar: "International market entry and expansion"  

Professor Sasha Albers (Antwerpen University) 

15th October 2019 - SEM2

Seminar: "International alliance network"

Professor Sasha Albers (Antwerpen University)

18th October 2019 - SEM2

Seminar:  "Export management" 


11th October 2019 - SEM2

Seminar: "Re-box: nudging against food waste"

Marco Lei (Malvida srl)

17th October 2019 -

Seminar: "Innovative Business Models For Service Industries"

David K. Lind (IES Ltd)

3rd December 2019, h 9-12 am, room Teatini 1 - SEM 1

4th December 2019, h 9-12 am, room Alberti 2 - SEM 1

2nd Semester

Seminar: "Financial Reporting: The Point of view of the Investor Relator and the Point of view of the Financial Controller. (To be confirmed )

Alberto Amurri and Massimo Gennari (Biesse Spa) T(o be confirmed )


Seminar: "State and Investment Arbitration"

Professor Peter Petkoff (Oxford University and Brunel University London)

25th March 2020 - SEM1

26th March 2020 - SEM1

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